Step 1: Login to Closeout.

Step 2: You should be dropped into your Projects tab view. Click on “Dashboard” on the left-hand navigation to access your Dashboard.

Step 3: If you have multiple Projects you will want to switch between projects by clicking on the Project name to access the correct Project. If you only have one Project,  you will only see Dashboard info for your current Project.

Step 4: There is a lot of information that you can see, use, export, and manage under your Dashboard view

  • Across the top there are 2 large dashboards that show the closeout completion information as well as trade partner (Subs) participation information within Closeout.

  • You will always see the total number of submittals, the number of submittals not submitted, the number submitted, as well as the completion percentage of your closeout items

  • You will always see sub participation percentage, the total number of subs, subs that are active on Closeout , subs that are inactive on Closeout, subs that are compliant and subs that are pending

  • There are 5 other Dashboards that you can show, hide, or rearrange as needed:

  • Closeout Submittals Status: shows you a pie graph of all of your submittals’ statuses (e.g. submitted, revise and resubmit, approved, approved as noted, not submitted etc. etc.)

  • Subcontractor Submittals (Top 10): A bar graph that shows you the top 10 companies with the most submittals

  • Submittal Categories: shows a pie chart of your total number of submittals by category

  • Subcontractor Outstanding, Submitted Submittals: Shows a bar graph of all subcontractors and their total number of submittals vs the number of submittals they still have outstanding

  • Submittal Outstanding/Submitted: Shows a bar graph of all of your submittal types and what has been submitted/not submitted

Step 5: All Charts/Dashboards are clickable and will take you to either a detailed report that you can export into excel, .csv, or pdf as needed or a properly filtered submittals tab that you can export into excel, .csv, or pdf as needed.

Step 6: You can show/hide charts depending on the data you’d like to view or export by clicking on the "show/hide charts" button at the top of the screen and checking or unchecking the boxes as needed.

Step 7: You will also be able to rearrange the 5 by hovering near the edges of a Dashboard until a black arrow cross appears. From there you will be able to rearrange the Dashboards as needed.

Step 8: Once you are satisfied with the information you are showing or hiding you can choose to “Save as PDF” and share this Dashboard information as needed with your team to illustrate where you are in the Closeout process.

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