Sharing a Project is for internal Team Members only! This will give access to the administrative features inside of Closeout. If you need to assign a submittal to a contact, you will need to make sure they are added into your directory. Find out help topic here: How to Import Contacts

Step 1: Login to Closeout

Step 2: You should be dropped into your Projects tab view. Click on “Projects” on the left-hand navigation to access your dashboard.

Step 3: From here you will have 2 possible views: Tile View or List View that you can toggle between at the top. Regardless of the view you are in you will want to hover over the correct Project in order for your action bar to appear.

Step 4: In either view the action bar will appear. Click on the "Share" icon.

Step 5: You must first choose the Company of the user you would like to share the project with.

Step 5a: If you happen to not see the company or employee you are looking for you, you will need to add them in your contacts page.

Step 6: Then you will choose the contact you would like to share the project with.

Step 7: Once you have selected the list of users you want to share the project with you can click on done.

Also you will be able to see who has access to your project under "Who has access". 

Step 8: Once you have your desired contacts you’d like to share your Closeout project with click "Done". Your will receive a green success message that lets you know your project has been shared successfully. Your contact(s) will receive an email with instructions on how to access this Closeout project as well as some links to getting started help articles. 

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