You can change any submittal description using Closeout.
Changing the submittal description of any record in Closeout is quick and easy, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Login to Closeout

Step 2: You should be dropped into your projects tab view. Click on “Projects” on the left-hand navigation to access your dashboard.

Step 3: Click on the desired Project name to enter the correct Project. 

Step 4: Once you are in the desired project, click on the "Submittals" icon in the left-hand navigation to access your submittals for your Project.

Step 5: You should see all of your submittals for your Project.  From here choose the desired record you’d like to view by clicking anywhere on the submittal information. Don't click on the folder icon, as that will then ask you to review documents for that submittal!

Step 6: You will be able to see Submittal Details, Additional Details, Upload Attachments, and see the activity history from this view. 

Step 7: Click the orange "Update" Button once you are satisfied with your changes to save your work. 

Step 8: You should see a green success message in the top of your screen that says “Submittal Updated Successfully”.

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