Step 1: Login to Closeout.

Step 2: You should be dropped into your projects tab view. Click on “Projects” on the left-hand navigation to access your dashboard.

Step 3: Click on the desired project name to enter the correct project. 

Step 4: Once you are in the desired project, click on the "Directory" icon in the left-hand navigation to access your directory for your project.

Step 5: Once in your Contacts list within the directory choose "import".

Step 6: Just like when importing submittals, you will have the option to upload from your computer. We will start with uploading contacts from your computer by clicking on the green "Click Here" button underneath the computer icon.

Step 7:  You can upload any .csv or excel file, however, it is easiest to use our sample submittals template to complete your work. Download this sample submittal by clicking on the hyperlink “Download Sample Contacts Template”.

Step 8:  Your sample contacts template will have your header columns filled out A-J, however you are only required to fill out first name (column A), last name (column B), email (column C), and company (column E) at a minimum. 

Step 9: Once you are satisfied, save your contacts template. Go back into Closeout where you left off (Import Contacts > File Upload). Click “Click Here” to find your completed template and then click “Upload” to upload your template.

Step 10:  You will now be prompted to map your fields to Closeout fields. If you decided to use your own excel and not use the Sample Contacts Template you will be required to choose what your field best matches in Closeout in order to upload. If you have used the Pype Closeout Template you will only need to confirm that any field you had information included is actually mapped. 

Step 11: Once you have mapped all of your required fields to Closeout fields, click the orange "Continue" button. Please note that if you have not mapped a field it will not be imported into Closeout.

Step 12:  If your companies are already in your company directory you will not have to map any missing partners, however, if there are new companies included in your upload or you spelled a company name differently, then you will have to choose either “Create new Company” OR search through existing companies to map with an existing company. 

Step 13: Once satisfied with your company mapping, click the green "continue" button.

Step 14: You will get to preview the contacts you are about to upload in order to make any additional changes. Once satisfied, click the orange "Submit" button in order for your contacts to be uploaded.

Step 15: You will now see all of your new contacts within your Closeout directory view.

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