In this article, we will go over how to leave a note for a GC on a particular Submittal that has been assigned to you. 

  1. Login to Closeout with your username and password. It should have been sent to you via email.

2. Upon login you will need to find the Project you've been added to. This is highlighted in Red. There will always be your own company as well, which I've highlighted in Blue. Please click on the red highlight!

3. Next, you'll need to select the Project you have submittals assigned for.

4. Once inside the Project, you'll need to navigate to the submittals area by clicking on the icon on the left bar.

5. Now that you're in the submittals area, you will see only the submittals you are assigned. Click on the submittal you'd like to leave a note for.

6. To leave a note on a submittal, you have the option to leave a detailed message to the General Contractor in the "User Notes" area.  

Clicking the "Send" button is the final step to messaging the General Contractor. 

6a. "Notify me later" will allow you to set a notification reminder and add a reason on a submittal. 

6b. "I do not Owe" is a generic message that allows you to send a notification to the General Contractor stating that you are not responsible for that documentation. 

7. Once you're inside the "User Notes" area, you can leave a note, as well as view past conversations about this particular submittal.

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