Step 1: Login to Pype Closeout:

Step 2: Choose either your company or the respective General Contractor  you want to upload submittals to.
To upload files to your General Contractor select the correct General Contractor.

Step 3: Once the General Contractor has been chosen, choose the Project to which you would like to upload Submittals.

Step 4: Clicking on the Submittals area will take you to the list of Submittal requirements the General Contractor is requesting.

Step 5: When you are ready to upload, click on the "Upload Icon" or the "Blue Folder".

Step 6: Click on "Upload Documents".

Step 7: A document that applies to multiple submittals can be uploaded by using our "Bulk Edit" feature.

Step 8: Once all files have been uploaded for the Submittal line item, you can see all items that were uploaded on the left.

Step 9: If you want to delete files that have been uploaded, hover over the files and press delete.

Please note: you can only delete what you have uploaded and not what someone else has uploaded.

Step 10: After submitting the files you can close the upload box. Once the upload box is closed, the document status will change from "Not Submitted" to "Sub Submitted" if a file has been uploaded successfully.

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