Step 1: Login to Closeout.

Step 2: Choose your Project you'd like to customize.

Step 3: You can access an eBinder from two different locations. From your Dashboard, and from your Submittals area. They will both be located in the upper right corner of your screen.

Step 4: You'll need to get into the Turnover Package Customization menu. This menu will appear if you've created a Turnover Package before, if you haven't this menu will not appear for you!

Step 5: Next, choose the submittals you'd like to include in this Turnover Package. Once you've made those decisions, click "Continue".

Step 6: Now we choose which layout we'd like our Turnover Package to be. We will choose "Submittal Type" in this example.

Step 7: You'll customize your folder structure and hierarchy here. Feel free to create your branch how you like!

Step 8: Here's where we get to the customization part! You can customize the content and logos on the Cover Page of your Turnover Package.

Step 9: On the "Design" tab you can get into deep customization for your Turnover Package. Font, font size, colors, images, it's all here for you!

Step 10: Make sure to save your changes! You can then "View" or "Download" your Turnover Package.

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