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How to Export Submittals using Procore Integration
How to Export Submittals using Procore Integration
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Step 1:Go to your Project's Smart Register.
Find your project and click on project name. 

Step 2:
Once you've reviewed all your submittals and are ready to export, click on 'Export' and select 'Procore' option.

Step 3:Out of the two options shown, select "Send directly to Procore" (Procore Integration) and click on 'Submit'. 

Step 4:
Once you click on submit, you will be redirected to Procore. When your Procore login page shows up, login to the account with your username and password. A successful login will authorize AutoSpecs to access your account Procore.

Step 5:
Choose your 'Procore Company', 'Procore Project Name', Submittal Manager' and 'Submittal Status'. 

Step 6:Verify the mapping of submittal types. Pype will show the submittal types in the Smart Register and convert them into the Procore submittal types for your company. If this is incorrect, reach out to Pype Support.

Step 7:
Select the submittal groups you want to export and click on 'Apply Filters'.
FYI: "Action and Informational", "Closeout Submittals" etc... are referred to as submittal groups in AutoSpecs. 

Step 8:Converting submittals to Procore format.
Choose the submittals you want to export to Procore by clicking on the respective checkboxes. You can also select all the submittals by clicking on top left checkbox. Click on 'Convert to Procore Format' to continue. 

You can understand the export status of the submittal from the "Export Status" column. Slowly move the mouse over the icon and you will notice some text show up.

"Not Exported" indicates the submittal is not yet exported to Procore.
A green color icon indicates the submittal has already been exported to Procore from AutoSpecs. Exporting again will overwrite what is already available in Procore, and could possibly create a duplicate under some circumstances.

Step 9:
Reviewing and exporting submittals into AutoSpecs.
Submittals in the AutoSpecs format will be converted to the Procore format. The content you see in this screen is how the content will display in Procore. 

Verify all the submittals to ensure that the format is correct. Among all the columns, make sure you are fine with Spec Section, Description, and Submittal Type. If any changes are required in the submittal types, contact Pype Support.

Once you review the data, Click on 'Export to Procore' to export and continue.

Step 10:
If the export is successful, you will receive a message that says - 'Successfully Exported all selected submittals to Procore'. 

To confirm it was successful, you can hover over the export button and it will change color. "Exported" indicates the submittal was exported successfully. An orange icon would indicate that there was a problem in exporting the submittal. If you notice any orange icons in this screen, contact Pype Support ( Or click the chat button in the bottom left corner of the screen. 

Step 11:
Click on 'View in Procore' if you want to see all the exported submittals in Procore Submittals.

Step 12:Your exported submittals are now available in Procore. 

Now you can see all your exported submittals in Procore. From here on, you can continue to manage all the submittals life cycle in Procore to complete your project successfully.

If you have any questions, reach out to us via Chat or email

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