How to Use BIM 360 Docs Integration
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Step 1:
Find the project you wish to export and click on project name. 

Step 2:
Once your Smart Register is ready, click on 'Export' and select 'BIM 360' option. 

Step 3:Select BIM 360 documents. Out of the two options, select 'Send project documents to BIM 360 Document Management' and click on 'Submit'. 

Step 4:
Authorize AutoSpecs access to your account in BIM 360 documents.  Once you click on "Submit", you will be redirected to BIM 360 where you can login to your account with your username and password. On successful login, you will be shown a page to authorize AutoSpecs access to your BIM 360 documents in your account.  Click  "Allow".

Step 5:Provide project details & choose the Target Folder in BIM 360 Docs.
Choose your 'Account Name' and 'Project Name'. Select the folder you want to export to BIM 360. If no folders are present, add new folders by clicking on 'Add New BIM 360 Folder'. Once the folder is created, you can then select that new folder.

Step 6:
Create and name a New Folder and click on the 'Submit' icon. 

Step 7:
Select the items you want to export and then click on 'Export to BIM 360'. 

Step 8:
The selected items are being exported into BIM 360. 

Step 9:
You have successfully exported docs into BIM 360. Click on 'Check in BIM 360' to view the files in BIM 360. 

Step 10:To view the exported files. Click on 'Project files' and select the specific folder to see the exported files within that folder. 

Step 11:Checking all other exported files.You can see all the files in your selected folder. Click on 'Pype documents' to view other exported files. 

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