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How to Run a New Version of the Project Specs
How to Run a New Version of the Project Specs

With the spec versioning feature, you can run a different version of project specs and generate an updated submittal log.

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We make it easy to view and edit different versions of your specs in your project with our Spec Versioning feature. 

Step 1:Search for your project from the list of projects. 

Step 2:Click on "Smart Register

Step 3:Click on "Upload". Then "Create New Version" to upload a different version of the project specs. 

Step 4:Enter project spec version details input version name and click on "Continue".

Step 5:Upload your project specs upload your files by clicking on "Choose File” button or simply drag the files into the rectangular box.  Then click on "Validate" button to validate all the uploaded files.

Step 6:Generate submittals after all the uploaded files are validated successfully, a success message will come up as shown below. Click on the "Generate Submittals" button to start the run for generating a submittal register. After completion of the run,  a confirmation email will be sent to you.

If there are any errors during validation, then an appropriate error message will be displayed. 

Step 7:Within a few minutes, your submittal register for the new project spec version is now available for your review. Click on the "Submittal Groups" you would like to view and click "View Submittal Log"

Step 8:  Submittal register for the project spec version has been created and available for your review. 

Step 9:To switch versions, click on the project/version button at the top left. Search by project  or version name and, click on the project/version name you wish to view. 

If you have any questions, reach out to us via Chat or email

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