How to Merge Submittals
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Step 1:  Select your project.

Step 2:In the Smart Register, select the submittals that you would like to merge. You can select the submittals by clicking the individual boxes, or by dragging your mouse down the submittals that you would like to be selected.

Step 3:Once you select the submittals, click on "Actions" and then "Merge".

Step 4:In the Merge Records page. In this page, select the line you would like all items to be merged into, then click "Merge Submittals".

Step 5:You have successfully merged submittals (gray) into the one specific record (red) you selected. 

Step 6:AutoSpecs will delete the other items (red) and add the description to the merged line item (yellow) description.

Step 7:Don't forget to click on "Save" to complete the requested merge on your Smart Register.

Now you have successfully merged multiple items into one submittal! Continue to utilize our features to update your project.

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