How to Create a Project
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Just getting started with eBinder? Let us show you how to start a project in a matter of minutes. Please follow the step by step tutorials below.

Step 1: Log in to Pype AutoSpecs with your username and password. 

Step 2: Click on Start New Project.
After successful login, click on "Start New Project” button to create your project. 

Step 3: Provide project details.
Fill in all the details based on your project.

  1. Project Name. Enter the name of your project

  2. eBinder Name. Enter the individual turnover package description you would like for the project

  3. Description. Provide a description for your project (Optional)

Once you have successfully filled out all the required fields, click on create button to complete the process. 

Quick and Easy?! You have now successfully created a project in eBinder. 

If you have any questions, reach out to us via Chat or email

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