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How to Filter in Submittals or Contacts
How to Filter in Submittals or Contacts

Submittals and contacts can both be filtered in order to find and review the information you need.

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Step 1: Log in to Closeout.

Step 2: You will be directed to the Projects tab view. Select the project you would like to work in. You can search for your project using the Search Projects box at the top right-hand corner of the page.

Step 3: You will always know if you’re in the correct Project by looking at the top of the page where it says, Project Name. You can also switch projects there if you click the down arrow and choose the appropriate Project. 

Step 4: Once you are in the desired Project, click on the Closeout Submittals button, located on the left-hand side of the page.
*NOTE- If you’d like to access filters for Contacts, click on the Directory button and use the filters available to filter by in the contacts section (Company Type and Company). You will follow the same general steps below by which to filter. 

Step 5: You can filter submittals by Submittal Type, Submittal Status, Responsible Company, Documents, or Submittals with/without Contacts. All of these options are shown above your Closeout Submittal Register. 

Step 6: You can choose to use all or some of your filters in order to get the information you need by clicking on the down arrow in one or multiple filters. 

Step 7: Filtering can be very powerful. You can select all, unselect all or choose items individually to filter for by clicking on the “select all” “unselect all” or selecting individual items by clicking on them.

Step 8: Once satisfied with your filtering, you can take actions like bulk editing and exporting only the filtered information as needed. To remove any filters simply click on them and "select" or "unselect" as needed.


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