How to Download Reports

Here is a quick guide on how to download a data report you may need to reference throughout your project.

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Step 1: Login to your Closeout account.

Step 2: Upon login, you will be directed to the Projects page. Select the project you want to download a report from. You can use the search bar located on the right side of the page to search for your project.

 Step 3: Once you are in the desired project, select the Reports option on the left-hand side of the screen to access the reports for your project.

Step 4: There are multiple reports that you can download. Select the desired report to view it.

Step 5: You have the option to choose what information you would like to include in your report. You can select all of it, or include only some of it. You will want to use the Search Text button to search for certain key words or the filter bars underneath some of the columns in order to filter for only certain subcontractors, items, etc. You can also choose to select some or all of the records by clicking the check boxes to the left.

Step 6: Once you have made your filtering, searching, and selection decisions, choose Export, which is located to the right of the Search Text box. You can export the report into an excel, a CSV, or a PDF report. If you make no filtering choices all of the available data will be downloaded.

Step 7: You will then be able to access and share these downloaded reports outside of Closeout.

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