How to Upload an Addendum
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Step 1:In order to upload your Addendum you must select the "Upload" button located in on the lower right side of the project title.

Step 2:
Choose 'Add Specs To Version' in order to upload your addendum. 

Step 3:  Add an addendum name (Ex: Addendum 1.1). Click 'Continue' to upload your specs. 

Step 4:Upload your addenda files by clicking on the "Choose File” button, or by dragging the files into the rectangular box.  Click on the 'Validate' button to validate all the uploaded files.
*Note: Addenda must still be in CSI format for this action to work*

Step 5:After all the uploaded files are validated successfully, a success message will display as shown below. Click on "Generate Submittals"  to generate your addendum results.

Step 6:When your results are generated, you will need to decide what action to take for each identified spec section.Choose 'Append' for every spec section for which you'd like to add the information contained within the Addendum as a brand new spec section to your register.
Choose 'Replace' for every spec section for which you'd like to overwrite the information in your current SmartRegister with the updated information from your Addendum.
Click the Append/Replace button once you have selected the appropriate action for all identified Spec Sections you'd like to add to your register from your Addendum.
*Note if there are some spec sections you do not want to append/replace you will not choose those

Step 7:The Submittal register will be updated within a few moments. Search the addendum name in the search bar or reveal the "Source Version" column to see and search all addenda uploaded to the current version of your project.

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