Navigating in SmartPlans

A tutorial on how to quickly utilize SmartPlans to generate a submittal log and review the data contained on drawings.

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There are three main modules that you are able to navigate to in SmartPlans in order to gain better insights into the drawings. To access the Dashboard, the Smart Register, and PlanView, please utilize the ribbon on the left-hand side of the application. 

The Smart Register: Here you are able to carryout a lot of the functionality available in SmartPlans. This includes reviewing, searching, filtering, editing, copying, bulk updating, and deleting the submittals located on the drawings. You can also share the project with other members of the team and export the submittal log out of SmartPlans so that it can be imported into a project management platform.

The Dashboard: This module allows you to view quantitative data about the submittals and other requirements located on the drawings. This will include a breakdown of the different types of submittals located, any closeout requirements, and provide a quick and easy way to view the product and equipment schedules identified on the drawings. These schedules can then be downloaded in Excel format if needed.

PlanView: Here is where you have the ability to review the drawing sheets, the submittals found, schedules, and other data located on the drawings, all within a single unified view. PlanView is unique in that it will highlight the submittals and other items on the drawings that potentially require your attention. This is best used for reviewing submittals and locating product and equipment schedules.

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