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Filtering & Searching the Submittal Log
Filtering & Searching the Submittal Log

How to filter and search through the submittal log while using the Smart Register.

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Two of the key functions you will need to carry out in SmartPlans are filtering and searching the submittals generated by the platform. In order to do this, please select the "Smart Register" button from the ribbon on the left-hand side.

Filtering: Once in the Smart Register, you can refine the display of sumbittals utilizing the built in filters. These will be displayed on the top ribbon of the Smart Register and are highlighted in red in the screenshot below. You can filter based on division, spec section, submittal type, sheet number, and other criteria.

Searching: In order to search for specific words contained in the submittals identified on the project drawings, utilize the search bar highlighted in red below. This will allow you to search through the spec name, submittal type, and submittal description fields for each of the submittals located on the drawings.

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