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Editing Submittals in the Smart Register
Editing Submittals in the Smart Register

How to edit the data contained in a submittal within SmartPlans.

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If you find the need to edit any of the information within a submittal record, simply click into the column (sheet number, spec section, spec name, submittal type, etc.) for the submittal(s) you would like to edit. 

After clicking on the data/column you would like to edit, you will be able to make edits to the information contained in that column. You can make multiple edits before being required to save the changes.

After you make edits within the Smart Register, make sure to click the "Save" button that appears in order to save the changes. If you fail to save the changes made, they will not be realized in the Smart Register after you exit the platform. If you would like to reset the changes made, you can select the "Undo" button that appears next to the "Save" button.

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