Making Copies of Submittals

How to create a single or multiple copies of the submittals generated by SmartPlans.

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The SmartPlans platform allows you to create copies of submittal requirements located on drawings. This is typically most useful when a submittal needs to be carried over for multiple floors or areas within a project. 

Step 1: In Smart Register select the checkbox next to the submittal(s) you would like to copy.

Step 2: After selecting the submittal(s) to be copied, click on the "Copy" button from the ribbon. You will then be presented with the option of making a single copy or multiple copies of the select submittal(s). Single copy will copy the selected record one time, multiple copies will allow you to copy the selected record multiple times.

Step 3: Once you copied the selected record(s), the copy will be highlighted in the SmartRegister. From here you can edit the information contained in the description, submittal type, and the other available columns. When complete, make sure to click the "Save" button in order to save the copy and any changes made.

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