How to Reset the Submittal Numbers

A guide to resetting the number assigned to a submittal in SmartPlans so that they are in sequential order after editing.

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If submittals have been added, deleted, or copied in the Smart Register, the submittal numbers will no longer be in sequential order. The "Reset Submittal Number" tool will help with getting the remaining submittals numbered in sequential order.

Step 1: To start, in the Smart Register, select the "Actions" button on the top ribbon menu. After clicking, the option for "Reset Submittal Number" will appear. 

Step 2: After clicking "Reset Submittal Number" you will see an alert button, which describes that resetting submittal numbers is permanent and can not be reversed once completed. If you would like to continue with resetting the numbers, click the "Yes" button.

Step 3: After clicking "Yes,"  you have now successfully reset the submittal numbers in sequential order. A confirmation of this will be shown in the top-right corner of the Smart Register.

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