Navigating & Filtering the Sheets

How to find specific drawing sheets in PlanView and view the data contained on each sheet.

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The PlanView module allows you to view the uploaded drawings, submittals, product schedules, equipment schedules, and a few other items, all together at the same time. A key part of doing this is being able to properly navigate through and filter the drawing sheets. 

There are two main ways to navigate through the different sheets being displayed in PlanView. The first is the is to open the drawing sheet navigator located on the left-hand side of PlanView. In order to see all of the sheets here, expand it by click on the button highlighted below.

Sheet Navigator Expanded:

The second way to navigate through the uploaded drawing sheets is to use the next and back buttons highlighted below. These buttons allow you to skip forward one sheet at a time and backward one sheet at a time. This is typically used to review the drawings in sequential order.

In order to filter the display of the sheets in PlanView, please select the "Filter" button.

Inside the sheet filter selection screen, you have the option of sorting, searching, and filtering the sheets. The filter functionality allows you to filter the list of sheets so that either all sheets are displayed, only sheets with submittals are displayed, or  only sheets without submittals are displayed.

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