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How to utilize the toolbar available in PlanView to carry out specific tasks with the plans and drawings, including capturing text.

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The Toolbar available within PlanView allows you to carry out a few functions that will be important when working with drawings. To locate the Toolbar, please see the screenshot below for reference.

The most useful tool available on the toolbar is going to be the text selection tool. This allows you to select/highlight text contained on a drawing sheet. Once the text has been selected, it can be exported in an Excel table, added as a submittal requirement, or added to the "Checklist" section available in PlanView. This tool is very helpful for extracting the data contained in a product or equipment schedule that has been added to a drawing sheet so that it can be exported in Excel format for sharing with project stakeholders.

If you would like to search the text contained on a selected drawing sheet, please select the "Find" tool here.

To change the level of zoom on a selected drawing sheet, you can utilize the zoom toggle buttons located here.

In order to fit the entire width of the drawing document on the screen, select the "Fit Width" button highlighted below.

If you would like to fit the entire drawing sheet within the same screen, please select the "Full Width" button.

The cursor tool is the standard mouse navigation tool available in PlanView. If you use another tool (text select or hand tool) and would like to change back to the default cursor tool, please select the button highlighted below.

The hand tools allows you to move/manipulate the view of a drawing sheet when you have zoomed into the sheet. It helps you change the drawing view without needing to zoom out and/or using the vertical or horizontal scroll bars.

The last tool available on the toolbar is the "Download" button. This allows you to download the selected drawing sheet with all of the located submittals highlighted on the sheet. The sheet will download in PDF format. 

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