The PlanView module allows you to select schedules and text contained on a drawing sheet and either export the data or add it to the submittal register for the project. The easiest way to do this with schedules is to first select the "Schedules" tab from the menu on the right-hand side.

If you would like to export the schedule in Excel, add the data in the schedule to the submittal log, or add it as a note to a checklist, select the schedule that you would like to view. Once selected, the drawing sheet that contains the selected schedule will be displayed in the center screen.

Once the sheet is displayed, click either "Add Submittal," "Download as Excel," or "Add to Checklist," tool highlighted in the screenshot below.

Using the Text Select tool, highlight the schedule and/or area that you would like to capture and export or save. 

After selecting the text, SmartPlans will guide you until the selected text has been exported in Excel format, created as a new submittal, or added the checklist as notes.

This same process can be carried out for any text contained on a drawing sheet, not solely schedules. In order to do this, follow the directions above to select text found on a drawing sheet and export it, add it as a submittal, or add it as a checklist note.

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