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Editing Sheet Names & Numbers

How to edit the names of the drawing sheets from within the PlanView module of SmartPlans.

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Within PlanView you are able to edit the sheet name and sheet numbers that the platform assigns to each drawing sheet. To do this, the first step is to expand the sheet viewer on the left-hand side of PlanView.

Once the viewer is expanded, select the sheet for which you would like to change the name or sheet number. In doing so, a pencil-shaped icon will appear next to the sheet name. Click on this icon to start editing the sheet name and number.

After clicking the pencil icon, the sheet name and number editor will appear. In here you can update both the sheet name and number for the selected sheet.

Once you have completed making the edits, make sure to click the "Save" button in order to save the changes. If you would like to disregard the changes, click on the "Cancel" button.

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