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Pype is proud to present our new on demand AI tool! This AI will search through your available spec sections, analyze what is available and then use its algorithm to point out some recommendations or potential gaps that might be present in your current set of specs. Feel free to download these and have a conversation with your architect or design team, or add them directly to your Submittal Log!

Keep in mind, you can use this as many times as you want, so if you add in a new spec section, use the tool again!

Here's how to use the tool.

Step 1:
Choose your project.

Step 2:
Once on your Smart Register there are two ways to access SmartView.  You can click the "SmartView" tab located on the left side of the screen. Or click the "PDF" icon next to the submittal you would like to view.

Step 3:
In SpecView click on "Pype AI" to enable AutoSpecs to identify recommendations of any possible missing submittals that was not written in the Spec Book.

Step 4:
Click on Launch to get Pype AI started.

Step 5:
Click on "Show Recommendations" to see the recommended submittals Pype AutoSpecs has identified.

Step 6:
AutoSpecs will filter to apply to turn on and off Pype AI Recommended submittals.

Step 7:
Pype AI will not automatically be added to the smart register. To add a Pype AI Recommended Submittal to your Smart Register, hover over the submittal and click on the "Add to Register" icon.

If you have any questions, reach out to us via chat or email

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