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How to Setup Email Notifications
How to Setup Email Notifications

Learn how to create custom notification schedules to send to your subcontractors.

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Step 1: Navigate to the Emails page, then choose Manage Notifications.

Step 2: Select Setup Schedule for the Notification you would like to establish.

Step 3: Give this new schedule a title. You can preview the message body by clicking Preview.

Step 4: Choose the frequency which you would like your trade partners to be notified, and which days of the week the notification will be sent. The start date will be filled in automatically as the current day, but you can set up the schedule to start at a later date. Also select what time of day (EST) the notification will be sent. When you're finished, click Save at the bottom.

Your schedule is now set up! If you would like to view it, just click View All Schedules. If you need to edit, delete, or deactivate the schedule, those options are available to the right.

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