How to Upload a Submittal Document

Closeout allows you to upload submittal documents with ease. Below is a guide on how to upload a submittal document in Closeout.

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To get started:

Step 1

Upon logging into Closeout, select the project you would like to upload your submittal document to.

Step 2

Select the submittal you want to add a document to. The submittal type, responsible company, and description will be displayed on the right side of the screen above the "User Notes" section. This information will help if you aren't sure what needs to be sent in for the requirement.

Step 3

Next, under the list of submittals, find the submittal you would like to upload a document to and select the "Upload" option.

Step 4

After selecting "Upload", you will then be able to choose a document from your computer. Select the document and click "Open."

Your document should now be uploaded into the submittal. There is no "save" button, everything is saved automatically. If you have other documents to upload to the same submittal, repeat this process. There will be a number in the top left corner of the blue file icon under the "Documents" column. This indicates how many documents are uploaded to your submittal.

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