How to Use Custom Search

This will cover how to create, edit, and delete your own custom searches for your specs

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The custom search feature is located within the primary search bar at the top of your page. Custom searches you have created are only visible to you, and carry across your projects so you can use them whenever you need.

To start, click the search bar. Custom searches are located at the bottom of the drop down. To use a custom search that has already been created, simply click on it.

To create a new custom search, select Add.

First, give your custom search a title. Next you will need to enter the terms you would like to search for. After typing a term in, select the plus button or enter on your keyboard, and you will see your terms populate the field below. You can remove a term you have entered by clicking the X next to it. We recommend leaving the Show Exact Match Only box unchecked so that variants of your search terms will be included. Once you've entered all the terms you would like in this custom search, select Save.

To edit or delete your custom search, select Manage from the search bar's drop down box.

Hover over the item and select the Pencil icon to edit the custom search. Select the Trash Icon to delete it. You can also click the down arrow to view what search terms are included in the custom search.

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