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Managing API Access to BIM 360 Services
Managing API Access to BIM 360 Services
How to set up the API integration between Pype Closeout and BIM 360
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In order for the Pype Closeout application to access the BIM 360 services and data for

your company, we need to set up a custom integration in the BIM 360 application.

Before beginning, please make sure that you have Account Admin permissions in BIM


The following link details the steps to be taken and includes screenshot to help navigate you through the setup process:

Please follow Scenario 1 in the link. When prompted to enter the Forge Client ID please enter: LP3U8nNOAG77BA7sk8MATkddkOrTG88Y

Once this is done, try to import data into Closeout using the BIM 360 integration from

the Closeout Submittals tab. You should see your company and the projects you are a

part of in the drop down fields.

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