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Walkthrough of Exporting your submittals to Build!

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Before exporting to Autodesk Build, please ensure the following actions have been taken:

  • Pype is enabled by the Account Admin using the following steps:

    • Login to ACC

    • Click on Account Admin

    • Click on the BIM 360 admin tool

    • Click on the Apps tile

    • In the list of available apps, click Pype

    • Add to BIM 360

  • Users have access to the designated project

  • Users are assigned the Submittal Manager role in Autodesk Build

Step 1: Locate your project in AutoSpecs. Click on the project name and navigate to the Smart Register.

Note: If you have a lot of projects, you can use the search feature to find your project.

Step 2: Click on the Export drop down menu and select Autodesk Build.

Step 3: Choose your export option to move your data into Autodesk Build.

Export to Submittals: To manage your submittals in Autodesk Build

Export to Files: To export your specification section, requirements overview, or the submittal log as a single file for reference and documentation within Files in Autodesk Build

Export to Excel: To export your log as an Excel document

Note: If you select “Export to EXCEL,” the excel file will download to your computer and the export is complete.

Exporting to Submittals

Select Export to Submittals and sign-in to Autodesk Build using your Autodesk credentials. Then click Allow to authorize AutoSpecs to access your Autodesk Build project.

Select your Partner Company and Project Name from the drop-down menus, then click Next. *If Partner Company and Project Name do not show up, please review your Account permissions in Autodesk Build.

Review the submittal type mapping to see how submittal types from Pype AutoSpecs will appear in Autodesk Build. If you are satisfied with this mapping, click Looks Good! Continue. If you would like to make changes, please contact Pype Support.

Select the submittals you would like to export from Pype AutoSpecs to Autodesk Build. You can utilize the filters on top to narrow down your list for export.

Note: The Submittal Status will default to Draft. When ready, select Verify to continue.

Review the list to verify the submittals are correct prior to pushing to Autodesk Build. Once verified, click Show Autodesk Build Preview.

The submittals that you see on the screen will be exported into Autodesk Build. If you hover over a specific line-item under Export Status, it will show that a new submittal will be created. Click Export Now to finish exporting.

Congratulations! You have successfully exported your submittals to Autodesk Build. There are three options at the bottom of this screen for navigation:

  • View in Autodesk Build will open Autodesk Build where you can view your exported submittals

  • Export other Submittals will allow you to select other submittals to export

  • Smart Register will navigate you back to the Smart Register so you can continue working in Pype AutoSpecs.

If you click View in Autodesk Build, it will open the Autodesk Build Submittals tool where the submittals have been exported to for submittal management.

Exporting to Files

Similar to Exporting Submittals, enter in your Autodesk credentials and click Allow to authorize AutoSpecs to access your Autodesk Build project. Select your Partner Company, Project Name, and click Next.

AutoSpecs will give you an option to export Spec Section PDFs, Requirements Overview Excel, and Submittal Log. For Spec Section PDFs, you can create a new folder within the Files tool in Autodesk Build by clicking on Add New Autodesk Build Folder or select a folder available in the drop-down menu. After making your selection, click Export to Autodesk Build. Depending on the number of spec sections found within the project, the time it takes to export will vary. Once the export is complete, you will receive an email confirming it has been completed.

After the export is complete, you will see the Autodesk Build Export Summary showing you that the export was successful. Click on Check in Autodesk Build to open review the information in Autodesk Build.

The spec section PDFs will be in the folder structure you selected or created; the requirements overview excel and submittal log will be located in a folder called Pype Docs.

If you have any questions, reach out to us via chat or email

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