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General Troubleshooting for Spec Failures
General Troubleshooting for Spec Failures

Things to consider when uploading your Specs!

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Pype Autospecs is designed to generate submittals from your specs, but there are cases when the specs will fail to generate. If you do encounter a failure, please make sure your specs are aligned with Pype's requirements.

Important things to consider before uploading your specs:

  1. The specs need to be in Master CSI format (Autospecs is able to read both US and Canadian specs)

    1. CSI format will consist of the Spec Section Number and the Name in the beginning of each section (i.e. 03 30 00 - Cast-in-Place Concrete)

    2. Includes 3 headers within each spec section

      1. Part 1 - General

      2. Part 2 - Products

      3. Part 3 - Execution

    3. Labels the end of section with END OF SECTION

  2. Make sure the PDF is not a scanned document.

    1. We are able to run scanned documents using OCR, but it's highly recommended you upload the original copy of the specs to produce the best results.

  3. Specs needs to be less than 300 MB

    1. Consider flattening or optimizing the PDF to perform a clean run and shorten the time it takes to generate submittals.

If the specs meet all 3 requirements and you still encounter a Failure to Generate, please reach out to our Support Team, for further assistance.

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