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How to Customize your Turnover Package
How to Customize your Turnover Package

Customize the design of your cover page, table of contents, and slip sheets within your turnover package

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To customize the design of the cover page, table of contents, and/or slip sheets of a created turnover package, select the package from the left and then select the settings icon.


The current page you are editing will display in the center. In the Pages menu on the left, you can select different pages to edit.

To convert your entire package to an existing theme, select Design Theme and choose which theme you want to use. Company admins are able to create new themes for their organization. Read this article for more information.

Select Text, Heading, or Line options to add them to the page.

To add an image, select Image from the top and click on an image to add it to the page.

Select Upload File to add a new image from your computer. You will be asked to name the file and select a category. NOTE: Background images can only be used as a background

Each element on the page can be edited by selecting it, then using the tools on the right to customize it further.

Closeout Documents includes the settings for links to be included on every page of your documents.

  • Include Folder Path on Header: includes the folder path at the top of each page.

  • Include Folder Path on Footer: includes the folder path at the bottom of each page.

  • Include Table of Contents Link: includes a hyperlink back to the table of contents at the top of each page.

  • Enable File attachment settings: includes any non-PDF files in your package as downloadable attachments.

Select Next to move on to the next page to design, or select a page from the Pages menu on the left.

Cover Page

The Cover Page is a preview of what your package's cover page will look like when exported. Use the tools in the toolbar and on the right to customize this page.

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents page is a sample with placeholder names and is a preview of what the full table of contents will look like once your package is generated.

Here you can customize the text style such as color, font, and size. Select the table of contents box and use the tools in the right column to make adjustments.

Slip Sheets

Slip sheets are the pages that will be inserted between your documents in the final package. You can customize your slip sheets using the same tools described above.

There are quick add ons for your slip sheets to easily add important information to these pages.

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